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Lima. Peru.

Originally posted on Natalia Maks:

With this album , I would like to start my series on my travel to Peru. I felt as if I was in love with the incas ancient culture, with Peruvians and their cuisine, with gorgeous landscapes and with architecture. I learned so much during this trip, and I would go to Peru at any given time. Lima is the capital of Peru, sitting on the Pacific ocean coast. The…

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The Chimera

Originally posted on If It Happened Yesterday, It’s History:

20140801_150544 2

(La Chimera 1590-1610. This tiny 32cm x 42cm drawing is accredited to the Italian master Jacopo Ligozzi. It is from the Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, part of the Spanish Royal collection.)

Mythology often dates back to antiquity. That is where my head is often buried, in a book about ancient Rome or Greece. In antiquity, we can…

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Winnie Davis: The Daughter of the Confederacy

Winnie Davis: The Daughter of the Confederacy

Originally posted on Presidential History Blog:

Varina Anne Davis was a tragic story from the start.

Winnie Davis’ First Years

Jefferson Davis Papers

Mrs. Jefferson Davis holds baby Winnie, her last child and second daughter, who was born just as the Confederate efforts were beginning to decline rapidly.

“Little Pie Cake” as she was called for the first year of her life, entered the world in June, 1864, the…

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